Open air weddings 2

Let’s see some other aspects that concern an open air wedding in order that you make general ideas and you organize your own without encountering any difficulties. We’re certain that you’re going to find these tips pretty useful and they’re going to be things that need to be taken into account.

We would want to take into consideration some other aspects related to open air weddings, which are really important and we’re sure that they’re going to seem good examples and suggestions.

We start with the sound. The sound is very important when it comes to every type of wedding. Choose a location that doesn’t produce any sound distortion and that has a particular way of offering sound. Don’t forget that you need electricity for all the instruments and for the lights as well. you can even rent a generator or you can borrow one from the salon in which the wedding takes place.

Once the darkness comes the illuminating can become a problem, so try placing above the tent and tables small lanterns made of paper or installations with LED, which offer a diffuse and warm light. We find useful as well for this aspect candles or lanterns that you can place on tables.

On the list of necessary items for organizing the open air wedding you shouldn’t omit the toilets. If the wedding takes place near a salon then this means that you won’t encounter any difficulties, but don’t forget to talk with the employers in due time. In case the wedding takes place in an isolated area you should think of another solution- renting ecological toilets for that particular night. Make sure you make a special spot for depositing the clothes, the gifts and that can be used in case one of your guests wants to change his or her clothes or she wants to rearrange her hairstyle or freshen up the makeup.

In no matter what spot you decide to make your open air wedding just make sure that you end up with one that’s successful and also let’s mention that you have to take into account all the aspects that we’re mentioned up to this moment.

Also, we think that even if everything seems complicates, an open air wedding at least during the summer time can prove out to be a really great looking event and really pleasant in the same time. We only push you to dare!

We’re certain that you’re going to find all the things exposed here pretty useful and please take into account the previous article as well, because it’s going to be a real pity if you don’t!