Invitations with wrong date

Hello all,

I have a question regarding what options are available if your invitations have the wrong date on them. I could go into a long story as to why, but in the end, it is my fault and the invitations are wrong by a day.

It is a very small wedding – we only are sending maybe 60 invitations out with expecations of maybe 25 close friends and family coming (destination wedding in Jamaica). We pretty much already know who is coming and who isn’t. The invitations we had done are beautiful and were also very expensive. To simply get 75 invitations redone, at half price (if we send the other ones back) is going to cost around $500 (alot of money to us when we already spent $1300).

What are possible options in a situation like this? Is the only option to redo the invitations? Could we send a note with the invitation?

Any help would be appreciated!

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Wrong Date,

Not a problem. If this were a very formal affair, reprinting would be your only option. However, this can be as simple as including an enclosure with the new date.

No worries.

Best wishes,


Thanks for the help Rebecca – this may sound silly, but could you give me an idea on how to perhaps word the enclosure regarding the date change?

Thanks again for the help!

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

That is not a silly question. Not a problem.

You could be honest and begin with an “Oops!” Or, you could word this more formally and state that the date of the wedding has been changed from XXX to WWW.

This can be worded as informally or as formally as you wish.

No worries.


Thanks for the help Rebecca – and for the final question (I know I’m making you hold my hand through this)…

Can the inclosure simply be something we put together ourselves (print out at our home) or should we have them done at the invitation place so they match the invitation set?

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

No apologies necessary. This is a difficult process at times 😉

Yes, this can be something you print at home. Many times the date can change at the very last moment. So, it is common for the enclosure to be a simple sheet of paper.