Are You A Hair Bride Or A Veil Bride?

Ever been confused by all the choices in veils and bridal hairstyles? Figure out this all-important question and you’re halfway there.

Hair Brides

You’re a hair bride if you’re thinking more about your hairstyle than your veil and headpiece. Many times the hair bride skips the veil all together! Schedule a trial run to discuss ideas for your hair. Once you know what hairstyle you want, the veil and headpiece can be purchased to complement your hairstyle, features, and wedding gown. Many hair brides are quite content to just place the veil behind an updo and whisk it off it at the reception.

Here are some tips for the hair brides:

  • Have a hair consultation or trial before getting your veil.
  • Have a second trial after you get it.
  • Don’t become too hair obsessed, relax!
  • Make sure someone in the party will help you remove your veil

Veil Brides

You’re a veil bride if you purchase the veil and headpiece without thinking about your hairstyle and all of your wedding day visions include you in a flowing veil. I know I have a veil bride when she tells me she wants to keep the veil on at the reception. Veil brides love seeing all that white! Details such as edging, pearls or rhinestones, multiple layers and the blusher complete the veil brides’ dreams.


Here are some tips for veil brides:

  • A full veil WILL keep falling forward as table visits call for leaning over.
  • With each hug (and hundreds will be given!) the veil will be yanked.
  • The veil WILL get in the way of dancing.
  • The netting WILL get caught on any beading.

Final Tips

  • Veil shop-around; don’t be talked into the veil that “goes” with the gown.
  • Don’t forget the local craft shops, they have a variety of do-it-yourself pieces.
  • Grandmas’ old brooch, a string of pearls, or fresh flowers can all become unique and inexpensive headpiece alternatives.


Gretchen Maurer is the author of The Business of Bridal Beauty, published by Milady Publishing. Gretchen’s articles and hairstyles have been published in numerous publications and web sites including The Knot, NewYork Metro Weddings, Modern Bride, Modern Salon, Passion, American Salon, Weddingbells, Bridal Star Hairstyles and Teen Star Hairstyles.