Lazy suzy centerpiece ideas?


I am looking for centerpiece ideas for my wedding banquet this coming October. My wedding will be a traditional 10-course meal Chinese banquet. The food will be served on a glass lazy suzy and I have a feeling that people will eventually remove the centerpiece to accommodate the food. I would like the centerpiece to be tall enough so that food could still be placed under the centerpiece. I am also worry about the centerpiece falling over the table as folks spin the lazy suzy for food. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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[:)]If you are going to do the spinning thing I think you better have a really good base on that container. Glass spaghetti jars would fit the bill on that and be really pretty. Fill the whole cylinder with water and put some branches and perfect lovley stones in the bottom. Then maybe curly willow and a few large leaves or a few long sprays of orchids. If you make sure the vaes is at least 20 inches tall your guests will not feel compelled to move them. Just make sure the florist or restaurant centers them well on the lazy susan so balance is not an issue. If you still think people will move them then I would suggest you go another way . Maybe a single orchid in a vial at each place setting that can be easily moved or also enjoyed as a favor. (there are 2 pictures of a spaghetti jars in my website under centerpieces #12 and 14) Cost of those jars is usually about $15 and they come with cork tops. (Maybe Amazon or ebay) Sounds like a fun reception …and a great idea! Have a goodie and be happy….

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Since you’re having a traditional Chinese Banquet, you may consider using Chinese Lanterns as your centerpiece. With its sacred vermilion hue and the lucky roundness of yuan (money), the Chinese lantern symbolizes long life and is the supreme totem of good luck. A little extra luck couldn’t hurt!

You could either hang them from the ceiling above each table, so as not to interfere with the “lazy susan”, or place them in the middle of the table on a stable dais to bring them above the food. There is a bunch of resources on the net about “how to make chinese lanterns”. Either making your own or purchasing, the items lend themselves well to personalization.

Years ago we would go to monthly multi-course chinese dinners (50 to a 100 would be in attendance). The restaurant chose what to feed everyone. People would sit at large round tables set for 10 to 15. Our host always encouraged guests to bring newcomers. It was a wonderful way of meeting new people and eating non-traditional entrees we’d never tried before. When our guests would say “it looks like….” , we’d quickly answer “If it tastes good….eat it!”.

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Hello Sue of Hobart’s Fine Florals,

Thank you so much for your ideas. The centerpieces you mentioned sounds very doable for the lazy susan and the arrangements on your website are spectaculars.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I am thinking of using big red lanterns with the word “double happiness” on it and hang them on the side of restaurant. I would love to hang them from the ceiling, but the restaurant has a tall cathedral ceiling. I also thought about putting the lanterns on the lazy susan, but it will take up most of the table.

When it comes to food, I know that my non-Chinese friends will definetly be curious about some of the strange dishes (e.g. shark fin soup, abalone, etc.). You’re right about “if it tastes good….eat it.” I think I will have some sort of quiz for the table game just on food. I will place a menu (printed on a scroll desribing what is it) and that everyone on the table will have to guess what that dish stands for. To promote interaction with others, someone from the table will have to approach other tables listed on the menu for the answers. That sounds kinda ambitious right now, but I hope that will work out when the actual day comes.

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