Calling Cupid: The Valentine’s Day Wedding Theme

Marrying on Valentine’s Day? You’ve probably been called a romantic. Maybe you even got your sparkler (and a great engagement story) last Valentine’s Day!

But it was probably more that drove you to tie the knot on this sacred day of lovers. Something closer to that giddy feeling you first got in second grade … when the cute blond boy dropped a dimestore card in the shoebox you made with doilies and ribbons. In other words: Valentine’s Day is a delicious combination of grown-up passion and schoolgirl crush. Back or Forth? Sussing Out the Season

Your first task: figuring out whether to lean back toward a wintry look and feel, or forward into spring. Part of this depends on how chilly your region gets in February (though some locales allow an outdoor wedding by then). But weather aside, a lot depends on your vision.

Winsome Winter

A winter-leaning wedding shares the regal feel of Christmas: heavier fabrics, fuller skirts, classical red roses. For colors, you might have more dignified reds and whites, with gold embroidery and ivory overlays. (Believe it or not, even a black and white wedding with red roses is pitch-perfect for Valentine’s Day).

Your food will probably reflect winter’s formality, too: a white chocolate wedding cake with red raspberry filling, say, or a red velvet cake surrounded with rich cream cheese frosting. Plus, the date sends up a green light for brides who dream of marrying in a daring red gown.

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Ruffled Blog

In Spring, a Couple’s Thoughts Turn to Love …

A spring-style wedding, on the other hand, is filled with flirtier flowers: pink roses and peonies, pale pink rununculous and lisianthus, cream tulips and hydrangeas. Picture this: your guests mark your departure with a shower of rose petals from petal cones. Your dress? Understated, with asymmetrical draping and a sweetheart neckline. Your bridesmaids gear: tea-length gowns with ruffled hems or long, silky sashes.

You might even dispense with the cake altogether, treating the crowd to whimsical cupcake trays and bite-sized appetizers … and invite them to wash it all down with pink champagne and a raspberry garnish. A berry sorbet with fresh mint cleans the palette between courses.

Timeless Tables

When held in a ballroom, the Valentine wedding benefits from lots of romantic draping. In addition to the masses of red roses (or springtime pinks) it calls for, you can toss together a few more whimsical centerpieces to add variety or mark a spot like the cake table.

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Rose Petal Runner

A popular approach to focal points, this table treatment simply involves piling masses of rose petals down the center of the table, just like a fabric runner, then zigzagging white votives down the line.


Candy Heart Containers

For pillar candle centerpieces, fill a 1/3 of a cylinder vase with white conversation hearts. Plunk in a pillar candle, then fill the remaining space with hearts. Or for a floral centerpiece, find two glass bowls, one slightly larger than the other. Fill the space between bowls with conversation hearts, then fill the smallest bowl with water and float a peony head.

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Gift Box with Pavéed Roses

Locate round or square balsam boxes from any craft store, and paint to suit. Fill with Oasis (moistened) floral foam cut to fit, and cover the foam with spray or sweetheart roses until no foam is visible. Tie off the gift box with a satin ribbon.

Rose Hearts on Cake Trays

Buy Oasis foam in a heart shape, or cut flat foam to shape. Moisten, and cover with spray or sweetheart roses until no foam is visible. Place on an attractive cake stand. Doll up this centerpiece even more with sheer organza draping, satin ribbon, crystal pins or votives.

Seduce With the Small Stuff

Here’s a few more details to make any February 14th wedding sizzle:

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

This oh-so-sexy fruit seems made for this holiday … and even more so when you dip it in the greatest aphrodisiac on earth.

Pink Martinis

The crowd will thrill to sugar-rimmed cosmos, no matter their age or gender.

Valentine Candy Buffet

No other holiday wedding calls louder for the sweet nostalgia of the candy buffet. Your choices are numerous, from oversized wedding conversation hearts to sweet foil-wrapped chocolates in pinks and reds.

Candy Heart Card Box

Make an adorable card box that brings back the old days of tempting gifts from parents or sweethearts. Grab a large heart-shaped paper mache box from a craft store, paint it red, and trim the lid with multiple layers of lace and braid, just like the candy boxes you once saw in the five-and-dimes. Cut out a slot, and stamp or paste on your monogram. Adorable!

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