What to wear at 4:30 pm?

Help! I need advice on what to wear to a 4:30 pm church wedding? There is an adult sit-down dinner to follow. Is that too early to wear a black dress?

Lori of ModelBride

It’s not too early to wear black! Black is a safe color to wear to many events, because it is a classy and dressy color. Since the ceremony is early, my suggestion is find a dress that is tea length. If you wear a floor length, it might be too formal.

Have fun,

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear What To Wear,

Not too long ago it was considered a faux pas to wear black to a wedding. The rules relaxed and it was considered appropriate to wear black after 5/6 pm. Now, we can wear black any time. Yea for us. I love black.

You may want to consider wearing a shawl or jacket if your dress appears too sexy only because it is a church wedding.