A Guide to Fall Wedding Flowers

Once upon a time, the marriage season hit its height in June, and wound down quickly after. But lately, plenty of brides have come to see the charms of a September or October wedding, with all its New England splendor.

After all, the colors are rich and the scents and spices are vibrant. Best of all? You can buy dramatic fall decorations cheaply at any one of a hundred farmers markets along the road. Perhaps for all these reasons, autumn is now one of the year’s most popular times to tie the knot.

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With all this enthusiasm comes some beautiful trends in bouquets.

First, we can probably safely say that the queen of the fall bouquet is the majestic mini calla lily, which combines pure elegance with an incredible range of colors to choose from. And it’s especially strong in the burnt orange and flame hues that autumn brides crave in their flowers.

Hydrangea is another fall classic that looks great anywhere from swanky nighttime ballrooms to looming barns. Available in an incredible range of shades, hydrangea can also be easily “tipped” with an aerosol by a florist to deepen or control the shade. Another plus: hydrangeas are much cheaper than callas!

The rose in its deeper, more burgundy hues combines all that’s classic romance with the special gravity we associate with autumn. Roses in coral shades, too, bring a special, unexpected grace note to the fall bouquet.


Finally, autumn offers an opportunity to experiment with creative and woodsy bouquet choices, including seed pods, hypericum berries, ryegrass and bittersweet vines. Some of the most charming (if unconventional) bouquets and boutonniéres use copper wire to gorgeous effect.

Popular Fall Flowers, By Color


Chloe or Mozart mini-calla, pink hydrangea, pink phlox, pink lisianthus, Gerber daisy, pink astilbe.


Redsox mini calla, red hydrangea, Gloriosa lily, Deep Red rose, Black Beauty rose, Gerber daisy, red astilbe.



Chopin, Floret, Mango, Treasure or Sunrise mini-calla, sunflowers, Gloriosa lily, Pincushion Protea, orange Hypericum berry, Orange Unique rose, Gerber daisy.


Garnet Glow, Barbados, Calypso and Rubylight Rose, Picasso mini-calla, magenta peony, Blue Curiosa rose.


Black Star, Purple Haze, Naomi and Schwarzwalder mini-calla, Black Magic rose.


BLUE & PURPLE-BLUEBlue hydrangea, Agapanthus blossom, blue delphinium, grape hyacinth, blue phlox, French blue anemonie.


Green Goddess mini-calla, green hydrangea, green Hypericum berry, green button mum, green Cymbidium orchid, Green poppy pod, green viburnum, jade or chartreuse rose.


Gardenia, white and ivory calla, white hydrangea, Bianca rose, white peony, white delphinium, white lisianthus, Sweet Pea, white Gerber daisy, stephanotis


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