Dreaming of a Dazzling Green Theme Wedding

When you hear people talking about the color green, you hear things like groundedness, growth, connection to the earth. And none of those things are wrong. But in weddings, green’s got a feel all its own, and that feel is fresh, slightly preppy, and above all, modern. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably found yourself smitten with that look that’s unique to the green flower families. For example: green-tipped hydrangeas and chrysanthemum buttons, green hypericum berries and chartreuse roses, even green anthuriums and callas: they look amazing, and leave you wanting more.

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Pink and green’s a winning combination that grabs many brides right out of the gate. They’re nearly opposites on the color wheel, which makes them deeply satisfying together. And combined, they have a signature freshness that makes them equally at home in the fun-loving West Coast, deep Deco Miami, or the super-saturated Caribbean.

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And perhaps even more so than all of the above? The preppy East. Especially when in a garden or a great airy tent near the beach, the East Coast wedding seems to be home base for this beguiling combination. Green and pink says “daytime,” “cocktail length bridesmaids gowns,” and an absolutely charming sense of understated fun.

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Purple, for example, injects a subtle sense of mystery. So does dialing back from lime green to a more Mediterranean olive. And once you’ve gone with olive, that invites some super-sophisticated pairings, such as bronze or copper.Of course, brides have a wealth of choices beyond pink when it comes time to partner up green. Equally beautiful is a shade of green paired with some black and white … say, a Find Nautical Themed Favors

More: Search Garden Favors | Find Green Favors | Green & Pink Wedding Theme

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And deep chocolate brown makes another gorgeous showcase for green. Its grounded nature takes the green theme well into fall, and — if you want it to — more formal territories. Plus, this combo’s easier to adapt to indoor evening affairs. Sage green, olive green, apple green, sour apple, lime green, hunter, chartreuse … which distinctly gorgeous shade of green are you going with?