It is said that the shape of the eyebrows change one`s complexion in a good way, and it is true indeed. If you give them a nice shape, your face will be enlightened and surely you won`t look bad when you don`t apply make-up!

Do you usually tweeze at home or apply for a cosmetic salon? It`s not bad that you tweeze your eyebrows at home, but it`s the way you do it and what result you obtain!

Here are some hints in order to obtain nice eyebrows: disinfect the instruments with which you tweeze( the tweezer firstly), and also disinfect the eyebrows with alcohol; the next step is to brush your eyebrows, take a long thin pencil or stick and make measurements( from the base of the eye to the interior corner of the eye, from the base of the nose to the pupil of the eye and from the base of the eye and the exterior corner of the eye) and after you`ve don’t this things, make sure you tweeze properly, use termal water after and some lotion! And you`re done!
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If you`re not able to do all the things mentioned above, you can apply for a cosmetics salon, a session of tweezing isn`t that expensive and surely you`ll get the shape that suits you the most!

Avoid really thin eyebrows, they give you a messy aspect and cheap in the same time, also you must avoid thick ones, they give you a manly feature!

Dyeing eyebrows is also an important part in your beauty! You may leave the color of the eyebrows in a natural form. If you want to change a little your aspect, here`s how you must apply eyebrow dye! Oh, and make sure the dye is especially made for eyebrows, don`t use hair dye it damages your eyes!

Applying dye to your eyebrows should be done in this way: use a lighter nuance than your hair is, so if you`re blond or red haired you must apply a light brown dye, if you`re brunette use a dark brown! And you`re done! You can find this special dye in shops, but in order to obtain a perfect result you can go to a cosmetic salon and do them there!

Tattooing your eyebrows can be a wonderful idea! By doing this you assure yourself you can tweeze alone your eyebrows! It can cost a lot depending on the type of tattoo you apply for, you can make a tribal tattoo( the thick and underlined eyebrows) or a natural tattoo( fade and similar to your natural ones)! You first have a semi permanent one and then the final and permanent one is made, after you make this tattoo, you need to use a lotion, to get rid of dead tissues!

You can also apply for the kohl crayon to underline the shape of your eyebrows if you don`t want to rely on long term variants!

Eyebrows are a symbol of beauty and sensuality, as mentioned before, a nice shape can give you an interesting aspect and make your sight much more profound!