Ten Thoughtful and Fun Bridal Shower Party Favors

Think of all the bridal shower women attend throughout their lifetimes! One way to make your bridal shower one that your guests will remember is to give them a token of your thanks for attending — a bridal shower favor. Choosing the right bridal shower favor is important, not just to serve as a reminder of the shower, but to complement the theme. The best favors are fun and decorative — even destined to bring a touch of satisfaction to your guests for years to come.

Cookie Cutters

One inexpensive, cute and popular shower favor is cookie cutters. With such a wide selection available online and off, it should be easy to find a cutter that fits your theme. If you can’t, or don’t want to stick to a theme, get cutters in the shape of a heart with a homey little message (for example – “cut out for love.”) They’re cute, creative, and whenever your guests open that drawer or even make cookies, they’ll remember your party.

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Photo Albums

Another great idea is a miniature photo album. No matter your price range, you’re bound to find something adorable. If you’ve got the extra time to personalize them, try decorating them yourself, or pre-populating the albums with a few photos of “the girls” or the bride. Or buy one that’s designed to fit your shower theme. Now your guests have a terrific place to save their own snapshots of the shower … or the wedding.

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Disposable Cameras

Do you want to make sure you get some good, candid pictures of your shower? Many hosts opt to scatter around a few disposable cameras, which can double as a shower favor. Like most favors, disposable cameras come in a dizzying variety of themes and styles. If you have some special shots you’d like to make sure your guests capture, tell them so with a cute tag:
“You may see photo ops others might not, so pick up this camera and take your best shot!”

You can even make a “scavenger hunt” of photos you’d like your guests to take and award a small prize to those who complete the list.

Potpourri Sachets

It’s old-fashioned, romantic and totally girly. Potpourri sachets, a timeless gift that reminds us of parasols, wardrobes and English roses, appeals to all our senses. There are a plenty of choices on the market, from sultry burgundy satin to shiny pastel numbers topped off with silk roses. Every time one of your guests cracks a drawer, they’ll feel a little extra romantic … and remember your party.

Sewing Kits

The bride is “sew in love” — what better opportunity to hand round a miniature sewing kit? They’re handy to tuck in a purse, glove box, or any other place there might be a “wardrobe emergency.”

Photo Frames

Everybody uses photo frames, and they coming in a dizzying array of styles, from shabby chic to totally cosmo. Give your guests a photo frame, but slip a special, personalized message inside each one (spritz with your favorite fragrance to heighten the girly factor). Later, your guests can slip in a pic from your wedding, or one of their own favorite couples photos.

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Recipe Card Holder

A recipe cardholder can help you send a special message to your friends, while providing them with something they can use for a long time after. You can buy recipe holders online, or at most department, or even office supply stores. Many showers have kitchen tools as a theme, and what better compliment than a recipe box? You can include a card with a special message, or even include a favorite recipe of your own. After the shower, your guests can reach for a new recipe and think of the new couple!

Cheese Grater

This idea is cheesy… really cheesy. Yes, why not give a cheese grater as a favor? By adding some ribbon to the grater, you can add a special decorative touch. A note saying “I’m Grateful” or “Love is Grate” can add a humorous touch. Now every time your guests grate their cheese, veggies or fruit, they’ll remember your shower.

Manicure Set and Compact Mirror

Your guests will certainly have something to remember if you provide them with a heart-shaped manicure set. They’re available online, or from bridal specialty stores. You could round out the manicure sets with a compact mirror and a note inviting them to “Look into the eyes of love.” You might even find a set to match your shower theme.

Key Chains

Another genuinely useful item that doubles as a shower favor is a key chain. There are countless designs, colors and styles available — so many that you should be able to find one to suit just about any shower theme. Or fill a picture frame keychain with a tiny photo, or personalize a clear plastic one with a special message you’ve jotted down for each guest.

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