Good smelling perfumes in good looking bottles

We’ve presented some really good smelling fragrances some time ago and we’re back with this topic wanting to underline that the bottle with perfume can also be an accessory! Today we’re going to present you some good smelling liquids in interesting bottles and containers. These are kind of expensive but let’s admire this art together….

The first fragrance is for the sensual, confident and elegant woman. It’s an exquisite combination of fresh odors with ingredients from the forest, a sip of honey, flowers and also pepper! You’ll leave a good smelling trace behind you and you’ll certainly enchant all the noses around. All in all the bottle looks exquisite: under the “mask” of a flower lies this magnificent perfume!

The colors used for this flower are great: purple, gold and green. The petals are purple and on the center you find the eye of the tiger composed of a sparkling crystal! There are also some precious stones placed on this bottle and it simply looks great! We totally recommend it!

Another fragrance bottle really great looking is one that has the shape of a bust. It has a pinkish tone with natural elements on it. This perfume is alcohol free and it inspires summer with every spray! The ingredients are really fresh and denote sensuality and need of freedom in the same time!

There’s another great looking bottle, which takes the shape of a flower. This perfume reminds us of natural tones of the spring season and it’s a perfect combination of orange and green tones. The central part is glittery and it confers a really natural aspect for this container.

This perfume is long lasting and it’s totally made of flowers like blossoms, roses, lilies and marigold. It confers you a romantic, memorable and fresh air. It is expensive but we think that it’s worth it from every drop….

Here’s another great looking bottle…. With a sapphire blue basis and a golden branch on the upper side, this fragrance is as good smelling as it looks. It is a divine combination of tones, which imply vanilla, different flowers, wooden odors and Mediterranean touches! It is long-lasting and it confers you a sensual air! You’ll look gorgeous surrounded by this marvelous smell with all those interesting ingredients….

As you can see, besides the great odors that these perfume have these also look great and can be interesting as accessories! Depending on your tastes you can apply for a bottle o another. You decide if you want to be sensual, romantic or fresh…. Good luck in discovering the tone that is appropriate for you!