Do both parents ride to wedding with bride

When my first daughter got married my ex-wife insisted that she ride in the limo with my daughter and I to the wedding. I think it was because it was a limo. My other daughter is getting married and I wanted to know if there is a tradition that the father escorts the daughter to the wedding or is it “normal” for the mother to also ride along? Thanks.

Nancy Tucker

Hello Mikeb, yes, it is traditional for the bride and her father to ride alone in the limo. However, it has become common that the bride and bridesmaids arrive in the limo together, both sets of parents are transported together. Etiquette does not dictate transportation matters, budget does.

Brandi Hamerstone,

Either way you look at it, a great option is to discuss the situation with your daughter to see what her feelings are about the limo ride. If she wants you both there for her, then honor her decision and try to find another time to have a special father/daughter moment before she walks down the aisle. Whatever you do, try not to make this something uncomfortable that your daughter will dread having to deal with on her wedding day.

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Oh, you got some really good advice here, Mike. Do what’s best for your daughter and try to put the animosity between you and the bride’s mother on the back burner for the day. I’m sure there are many details we don’t know, and there are always two sides to every one of these stories, but it is an important day for the family so, by making it about your daughter, you have an opportunity to teach her something, which is what parenting is all about. A job which never ends.
I hope you enjoy the day.


Thanks! I agree with everything thing you said. I asked the question for the my daughter who is looking for objective support/expertise as she tries to explain to her mother why she has made certain decisions.

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As a mother myself, I can understand why her mom may want to be more involved. Maybe your daughter can find ways to involve her mother to make her feel more a part of the planning?



As you speculated in a previous post, there are many things that you don’t know about the situation. My daughter is just trying to prevent one family member from doing what she did at my other daughter’s wedding which caused so much hurt and bad feelings for several people, including family on all sides. Other than financial, moral support, and advice when asked, I was not involved in the first wedding and I am not involved in this one. I have told her repeatedly that she and her fiance should make the decisions, keeping mind the feelings of all involved but not trying to accommodate unreasonable or selfish demands from ANYONE. It”s just some people are more difficult to deal with than others.

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Oh, I understand. I wish you the best.