Top Ideas for Wedding Party Gifts

By Audrey Isaac,

When it comes to planning a wedding, most couples would say that they couldn’t have done it without their supportive group of friends and family. While being asked to be a bridesmaid or groomsman is certainly seen as a privilege, it’s also a commitment to putting time and effort into the wedding.

For those who have thoughtfully accepted their position in the wedding party, it’s never too late to say thank you for their hard work. Wedding party gifts are not only a great way to express your gratitude, but it can also be fun to do so in a creative and personal matter.

Give Them Something Useful

Nobody likes to get a gift that they know will sit in the corner of their home until they eventually decide to get rid of it. To avoid this, get your wedding party gifts that they will actually put to use! Things like candles to fill their home with warmth, tote bags to keep all their important things, or jewelry to don on a night out are all things that can be reused and will bring fond memories of your wedding every time they are used.

Give Them Something Personal

While useful things are great, it’s always nice to add an extra special touch to a gift to show that you thought about the recipient. For example, if you choose to go the candle route, opt for a scent that reminds you of your loved one and place a custom label on the container – perhaps with your wedding date or a thank you note addressed to them. Better yet, go one step further and include a custom matchbook with the candle! Nearly anything can be customized these days, so get creative and find a way to really say thank you.

Give Them Something Unique

While you could easily get the same gift for everyone, why not get something different for each person? Remember that your relationship with each member of your wedding party is unique, so why not draw on that when shopping for gifts? For example, your bestie who is the ultimate party hostess will love a stunning candleholder that she can use as a centerpiece for her next gathering whereas your homebody sister will go crazy for a kit filled with candles, tea, warm socks, and a Netflix gift card.

Remember that, when it comes down to it, the most important thing is to gift your wedding party with something that is meaningful and thoughtful. You don’t need to spend a fortune on it – you just need to get creative and find something that will really speak to them!

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