Should guest change clothes between ceremony and reception? Between 4pm ceremony and 7pm cocktails

My niece is getting married at the end of summer. The Catholic ceremony is at 4pm and likely won’t include a Communion because she is Jewish so the ceremony will be shorter then usual. However, given the young man is from a very big traditional Italian family, they chose a cocktail hour at 7pm and dinner at 8pm which indicates little bit more formal (the reception is taking place in a fancy Italian venue). I plan to wear a very elegant simple one shoulder little black dress for evening. However, I was invited to recite a verse from the bible at the ceremony. I will have my children and husband with me and we live 45 minutes from the venue and so running home and changing will just be logistically a bit difficult. Should I wear something different at the ceremony and then bring my more evening appropriate dress to the reception and change? Or is it suitable for me to just wear my little black dress at the ceremony?


Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

I’d get a nice jacket, shrug or bolero to wear over your little black dress to wear for the ceremony. Bring along a change of accessories like shoes with a heel and a little bling (jewelry, hair accessories, etc) for the nighttime reception.


Irina Feygin

Excellent advice from the Wedding Queen! Couldn’t agree more!
A jacket or a shawl will be perfect; have matching shoes and then change shoes in the car to match your “evening” look!
Enjoy the wedding!