lipstick shade for offwhite dress

My wedding dress is offwhite. On this offwhite satin are several light gentle gold patterns. I have a warm undertone to my skin. Please suggest suitable lipstick SHADES for my lips. I want my lips to be the arresting feature of my face, but dont want the shade to be too gaudy or in-your-face either

Irina Feygin

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! With the warm shade of your dress and gentle gold detailing, I suggest you use warm shades for your lips. It could be as light as Champagne color or as dark as Mocha Ice depending on your preference. If you want a more dramatic look, use darker shades of lipstick that are in the Browns/dark Bronze family. If you want a color of medium intencity, use Light to medium Bronzes or Taupes. If you want the color light and sparkly, use Lighter shades, such as Champagne and enhance it with gold-toned lip gloss. In order for your lip color to stay longer, use the lip liner first. That will prevent lipstick from “traveling”. Then apply lip color and blot it with the Kleenex tissue. That will remove oils and leave only pigment on your lips. After that, you can re-apply lipstick all over again, and only then apply lip gloss. Make sure the lip gloss is not the “gooey” kind that “glues” your lips together. Do not apply lip gloss all the way up to the lip liner: glosses melt easily and you don’t want your lip line to melt down. You have to remember that lipsticks are not designed to stay on forever (which means you have to re-apply your lip color every once in a while). If you chose the “long-lasting” lipstick, you have to understand that it will be very drying, and you don’t want you lips to go dry on your wedding day! I am sure you would rather re-apply lipstick and lip gloss “as needed”, so your lips look gorgeous. Enjoy the wedding!