What color veil w/Champagne Dress?

What color veil do you wear with a champagne dress? I only see the white or ivory option at stores. Ideas?

Lori of ModelBride.com

First of all make sure that you have a swatch of your dress color to make the decision easy. The most common tulle colors for veils are white, diamond white and ivory. White will definitely be too bright for your dress. The decision will probably be between the diamond white and ivory. Don’t let the white in diamond white scare you. Diamond white is a soft white in between white and ivory. The only difference is that ivory has a more yellowish-cream tint to it. So when you go to pick out your veil use your dress swatch to see which color matches best. The ivory might be perfect, but if it is too yellowish-cream looking next to your fabric the diamond white might be better. Just remember that when you are looking at the colors there are probably mulitple layers of tulle and when you walk down the white carpet there will only be one layer so the color of the veil won’t be as bold.

Good luck,