Wedding Invitaion wording – do we include an end time?


Hope you can help…. All of our wedding guests will be attending the reception and evening celebrations and therefore we don’t have additional invitations to send out to those guests invited to just the evening affair.

As such our wedding invitation currently reads (names have been changed!)

“Mr and Mrs William Smith request the please of the company of …. at the marriage of their daughter Joan to Mr Benjamin Smyth at Lancaster Park, Woking on Wednesday, 23rd June 2007 at 1.30pm and afterwards in the Olde Barn”

We have the RSVP details down the bottom left had side. My question is, should we include the time at which the evening event is finishing? It has been suggested we have some comment along the lines of “Carriages at Midnight” – but would this infer we intend to lay on transport for our guests??? [unsure]

Any advice would be appreciated. [;)]

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Chipollini,

An ending time is not usually included. You shouldn’t have to worry about it. And yes, if you included the statement about carriages, your guests would most likely conclude that you are providing transportation.

Hopefully you are not invited some guests to only a part of your reception. Guests usually know if this is the case and feel as if not important enough for the entire reception.

Best wishes,