Month by Month: Wedding Themes and Colors for Every Season

Still at the start of your wedding planning process? Ever wish you had a guide to help narrow down the themes and colors that really suit the time of year you’re holding your wedding?

Here we try to do just that. Keep in mind: a grandly-decorated venue is a blank slate you can transform into anything, any time. And some of these themes and colors are great for year-round use, though we didn’t want to repeat them over and over (like Black & White or Fifth Avenue Aqua).

But if you’re here for some great color combination or theme inspirations for January, June, or anything in between, read on!

March, April Wedding Themes

If your climate cooperates, this is a wonderful time to celebrate spring’s earliest bursts of color, flowers and delicate life forms: Lilies of Valley and Shasta daisies, daffodils and tulips, butterflies and dragonflies. Brides are instinctively drawn to pastels like lavender or yellow, whimsical and romantic pairings like red and pink, or combos with a modern bent like pink and lime green. A monochromatic look using all shades of pink is also totally spring (and stunning).

Some popular themes for spring? Cherry Blossom, Butterfly, and Irish or St. Patricks, to name a few. Also, popular spring color combinations that double as themes include Aqua Blue (Fifth Avenue Style), and Pink & Green.

May, June, July Wedding Themes

Summer brides sometimes complain that they can’t find any summer themes, besides the usual beach or garden. Not to worry though: there’s more here than you might expect. Summer also offers some of the most brightest, most energized palettes for brides who aren’t afraid to play it modern. Contemporary picks include orange and fuchsia, green and hot pink, black against any kind of eye-popping-color, and chocolate brown and pink (or aqua).

Favorite themes for summer are numerous, but here are just a few: Garden, Daisy, Enchanted Forest and Victorian Garden, Beach, Starfish, Hawaiian Luau, Preppy/Nautical and Poolside. Don’t forget Patriotic or Baseball, Fairytale or Asian Garden, Polka Dot or 50’s Retro, and South of the Border, Rustic Country or Western.

Color Themes for the warm summer season include all kinds of Green, Cornflower Blue, Orange & Fuchsia, Black & White Toile with summery accents like yellow or pink, Aqua Blue (beach style), and the lighter purples, like orchid or Aubergine.

August, September, October Wedding Themes

The colors alone bring this season near to the hearts of many brides who can’t imagine tying the knot any other time of year. From russet to pumpkin orange and cinnamon to vanilla, the scents and famers’ market decor of an outdoor Autumn wedding makes a setting like none other (not to mention the awesome photos!). Another plus: the grapes are ripe, and it’s time to celebrate a brand-new season of wine.

Popular colors for this time of year include latte, mocha and chocolate brown, rust orange and burgundy, hunter green and gold. Nature-minded themes are all the rage right now, including New England Harvest, Harvest Modern and Halloween, “Perfect Pear” and Apple, Tuscan and Wine Theme, Herbal and Rustic Country. Chocolate Brown also amounts to a theme … one that suits the season to a ‘T’.


November Wedding Themes

November’s long been a sticking point for brides who want to stay close to nature, but aren’t huge fans of the bright, brassy colors of autumn. We’ve try to address this dilemma with our new “Fields of Gold” page, which pays homage to the natural world and November’s subtler palette of creams and golds. For more urban, indoor and delectably chic approach, seize on this time of year for a 1930’s Retro / Art Deco Theme, with its November-friendly palette of gold, ivory, sepia and black, and its oh-so-apt nostalgic feel.


December, January, February Wedding Themes

Friends and family are stuck inside, desperately hoping for a romantic diversion. Which is why this time of year’s about making big, elegant gestures: going back in time, playing with lighting levels, indulging in romantic fabrics and heavy molding … in short, transforming an ordinary interior into a portal to another world. Favorite colors for this time of year include ice blue, silver and white, gold, red and green, metallics paired with black, ivory on white and vice versa, and all the shimmery jewel tones.

Top themes that fit the season include those with a pale palette and opulent look, such as Calla, Parisian or Versailles, or those with a holiday feel, such as Christmas, Victorian Christmas, Winter Wonderland, or Diamond or Crystal Theme. Of course, Valentine’s Day is a natural for those marrying in February, but the bold red and white palette works just as well for any other deep-winter setting.

Finally, maybe it’s the Oscars, or just a need to cut loose after too many dark afternoons, but there’s no better time of year to hold an Old Hollywood or even Vegas theme wedding.

As for color themes that suit this time of year? All-White, Regal Red, Black & White, and Royal Purple make good options.

What’d We Miss?

We know this list is hardly exhaustive… there are plenty more themes and color schemes tailor-made for autumn or spring. Why not share some of your favorites below?