best makeup for outdoor wedding

I am getting married in June. I love a natural look and want something that will stay during our hot, outdoor ceremony but not look pasty or like a mask. I have oily skin, olive-complextion and stay pretty tanned (but not overly done). What products do you suggest and what colors?

Irina Feygin

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! If you have olily skin, I would recommend using Mineral foundation in the form of powder. Find the shade that matches your skin; it will look good and stay on well. To add the glow, go with a little bit of a Bronzer over your face, and don’t forget the blush! For a natural look, for eyeshadow avoid colors like greens or blues. Use browns, beiges and sparkly highlights to create a fresh and natural look. To make your makeup stay nice and fresh the course of a hot and humid day, when you complete your makeup applicaton, spray your face with Model in a Bottle makeup setting spray – you can find this product on any of my web sites. This spray will prevent your makeup from melting down in a hot and humid day, and will keep it fresh for hours and hours and hours. When selecting your mascara, don’t forget to only use the waterproof one. Any other kind will melt in the heat. This way, you are guaranteed to stay beautiful all day! Enjoy the wedding!

Michelle Larner, Professional NYC Makeup Artist

Hello C.M.,

An outdoor June wedding sounds beautiful! You have two problems to deal with, heat and oily skin. You will need makeup that not only lasts thru the day, looks good in photos and does not add more oil or sheen to the skin.

Usually when foundation is the wrong color, or too thick it feels “masky” “chalky” or pale looking, a common complaint for women of color with oily skin. Try to avoid makeup with ingredients like “Mica”(adds sparkle) and Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide ( its a white pigment) that sometimes bounces a shine in photographs, and looks “chalky” on the skin.

Try Christian Dior “Airflash Foundation” its their version or Airbrush makeup, for at home use. It has a matte finish and feels very light on the skin, while covering well. Close your eyes and spray over the skin. Usually two passes are enough coverage, a third if you want more. There is a good chance you might be shade number “300” Givenchy Mister Light Concealer with a brush is fantastic for under eyes or anywhere you may need extra coverage, you maybe shade #4.

Before you begin with color, start with a good skincare prep. You will need oil blotting products, to hold the makeup in place and keep it matte. Try Elizabeth Arden Oil control Clarifying Toner, after you wash your face. Then apply a makeup primer that also has a blotting effect. I like Lola Cosmetics, Refine shine. Size of a quarter is enough for the whole face, make sure you apply to T- Zone area ( forehead, nose, chin).

From there you can begin with color. I think neutrals are the way to go, for an elegant and classic bridal look.

Try Stila Eyeshadow quad in Marrakesh. Revlon Colorstay Automatic Eyeliner in Black Brown, and Maybelline Volum Express Waterproof mascara in Black. Bronzer ,you probably have, just watch that its not to sparkly. For fresh cheeks try adding a drop of Gel blush ,By Studio Gear, a peachy pink. Apply the size of a dime, on the apple of cheeks (smile , and see where the iris of your eyes start).

There are plenty of long wearing lipcolors on the market. From drug store to Dept store brands. They are a two step formula. One end has a liquid lipcolor, the other end will have a clear topcoat to seal in color, for a kiss proof, budgeproof wear. Try Maybelline Superstay, Covergirl Outlast, Mac or Chanel. I am partial to the Maybelline color #730 ( A Beigey Neutral)

Keep a blotting Powder on hand, in your bridal purse or give to your “MOH” to hold for you, if your not carrying one. Try Maybelline Shine Free Oil Control Translucent Pressed Powder, Medium. You want to blot shine, not add a thick layer of makeup. This one is perfect for that.

By the time you need to do this, you will already have had in your main photos. So no need to worry about makeup, you can enjoy the party you worked so hard on planning!

Practice makes perfect, so give it a few trys before the wedding day, to see how it will wear, and practice working with the products, for your comfort.

Enjoy your beautiful day!