Wedding Favors

Your wedding favors are a small token that go a long way, as they are the last little effort that send your guests home with fond memories of the whole big day. So choosing your wedding favor should be done right. Going for something that people will actually use is always a great option and better use of your money. We have all accumulated enough little sacks of chocolate or candy of some sort! Usually it ends up going stale in a drawer somewhere at home, or if it is eaten then it is gone forever. So here are some good wedding favor ideas that we think guests will not only love, but actually use.

Notes and Practical Favors

Jars of jam or honey always go down a treat, as well as tea leaves. Personalized candles are incredibly tasteful and will be loved by most. Of course, choosing something practical is only part of it; the other part is the heartfelt note from you and your spouse. That is ultimately what will have your guests leaving with a warm feeling inside. Finding the right favor saying is never easy, and there are a few staple favor sayings out there, but we just recommend speaking from the heart. It doesn’t have to be pure poetry in the end, it just has to be real and reflect you and your spouse and how happy you both were to have your guests celebrating with you.

Because a card attached to a favor is really small, and often too small to really say how you feel, it can be a good idea to include the URL or domain name to your wedding’s website, so that people will remember to visit it even afterwards. Why might people want to do that? To see pictures you post of the big day, as well as to read a wonderful and thoughtful thank you note from you and your spouse. Putting something up online after the big day allows you to have the time to really think about what you want to say and gives you enough room to say it. Not to mention it can help you jump start your thank you card process as well.

If you do go with this online route, just keep in mind when choosing your wedding website domain name, it needs to look nice when printed at the bottom of the favor cards and not tacky. There are many URL endings to choose from, but ‘’ or ‘’ are good examples that would look cute just below the “Thank you for sharing this day with us” note on the favor card. Take a look here if you’re interested in going down this direction.

Ultimately, you want your wedding favors to reflect you and your spouse’s taste, tie in well with your overall wedding theme, and be reasonably priced. But making sure that it is something your guests will appreciate, keep, and use, will make the tradition a whole lot more fun and will remind your guests of your special day for years to come.