Angel Theme Wedding

One type of angel theme wedding is all chiffon and pink-cheeked cherubs. But one with a little more neoclassical “oomph” will help your wedding reception take flight. With its classic Greek pedigree, the cherub gives you plenty of theme material to work with. The first thing you’ll want is to cover your venue in as much toga-style swags and drapery as you and the budget can manage. White’s fine, but ivory is better.

Then add the usual lovely Greco-Roman building blocks: tall, fluted columns topped with cascading flower arrangements starring, of course, the rose. The Greeks painted everything in sumptuous colors, and you can too. Try sage-colored fluted shafts with gold-painted capitals for a luxurious look. Twine ivy and vines around your columns. Punctuate with giant Grecian urns filled with more rose-based arrangements. Scatter plenty of ivory pillar candles around the room. Locate a multi-tier Italian style fountain for indoors or out. Sprinkle fresh rose petals in the water.

Here, unlike in dove theme weddings, dark, bold greenery sets off your flowers and provides drama and pop. You’ll probably want white and blush roses for your flower arrangements, but don’t be afraid of passionate red ones in spots — such as your bridal bouquet.

For centerpieces, try:

  • Thick white or ivory pillar candles, tied in groups of three with satin ribbon or raffia.
  • Tall candelabras, the bases wreathed in arrangements of roses, ivy, grapes, gilded apples and pears and even artichokes — or a simple but dramatic cloud of babies’ breath.
  • Classical rose and moss topiaries.

Place the result on top of a cascading floral arrangement —can still recreate a Grecian palace if the windows have a reasonably deep shelf. For each window, buy a cherub sculpture meant for gardens, about a foot high (they don’t have to match, just to play well together).

Transform each cherub into rich gold from top to toe using a faux gold leaf kit. with lots of greenery — in each window. Gorgeous. Don’t forget to add your stunning cherubs to the top of your decorative pillars, columns and fountain, too. Add a dramatic white feather wreath for your entrance, and consider feather wings for your flower girl. (See dove theme weddings for more.)

Tie ephemeral organdy bows to the back of each chair. Tie to any doorknobs in the room as well, and include an angel charm.For sweet treats to match the theme, try melt-in-your-mouth Italian wedding cookies and cupcakes topped with fluffy white frosting and a white chocolate cherub. Pile them high on tiered silver or crystal sandwich trays.

For unique place cards, buy individual white or pink cloud-shaped meringues from a favorite bakery. Wrap individually, and in each meringue insert a cherub -shaped paper name card attached to a toothpick.