Valentine's Day Signature Drinks

Cocktails & Mocktails for your Valentine’s Day Wedding Celebration

With a Valentine’s Day wedding, you’ve got to get into the spirit of the festivity! From the color scheme to the favors for the guests, you’ve got to get creative and infuse the flavor and style of the day into your celebration. And with these signature cocktails and mocktails your guests will enjoy every bit of the holiday!

Cranberry-Citrus Mocktail w/ Mint

Valentine's Day Signature DrinksOf course you can jazz this up to make an easy cocktail, but we love how you can take these fun flavors and make them available for everyone to enjoy. And the color is perfection, don’t you think?

Heart-y Mix

Valentine's Day Signature DrinksIsn’t this cocktail beautiful? Your guests will swoon when their drinks land in their hands with a heart accent right atop! And to give you a hint at the flavor, lemon juice, an egg white and some gin are just three of the ingredients!

Cran-Raspberry Spritzer

Valentine's Day Signature DrinksGive your guests something “pretty in pink,” just like the recipe suggests! This is a great treat for non-drinkers, kids and the happy couple to sip all throughout the entire celebration.

Red Lemon

Valentine's Day Signature DrinksThis sexy cocktail is perfect for a late night celebration on the dance floor. Do you want to know what the secret ingredient is? Tequila!

Love Potion

Valentine's Day Signature DrinksVanilla vodka and raspberry syrup give this frothy beauty a life of its own. It’ll blend right into the day’s events and be a surprising taste for all your guests to try.

Raspberry Rose Fizz

Valentine's Day Signature DrinksRose-infused cocktails are always a wonderful addition and surprise for your guests. And it’s especially nice if you’re looking for something light, feminine and Valentine’s Day inspired!

Grapefruit & Pomegranate Soda

Valentine's Day Signature DrinksGive your non-alcoholic drinkers a zesty and spriteful taste with this delicious mocktail. Grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice, sparkling mineral water and a few dashes of bitters make this mix work its magic.

Mini Red Velvet Milkshake

Valentine's Day Signature DrinksEveryone will be talking about your signature drink of the day when it involved dessert too! Besides, are these red velvet cuties not the most charming-looking treats?

Classic Shirley Temple

Valentine's Day Signature DrinksA classic Shirley Temple is the perfect sip to set the mood of February 14th, give the kiddos something fun to drink and a refreshing taste for guests that don’t dive into alcohol. You’ve got to have options!

Blood Orange Rosemary Spritzer

Valentine's Day Signature DrinksFor a more sophisticated, grown-up taste .. without the alcohol, take a peek at this recipe! It’s a classy take on the day’s events and stylish enough to fit in too.