Reasons to Hire Live Musicians for Glasgow Weddings

It’s not every day you get married and the decision of two people to join their lives as one is a beautiful transition that should be celebrated. The right music makes this rare occasion more special but it takes more than simply having the right playlist. Live music is a must for those celebrating in the country’s music-loving city and a quintessential addition for a true Scottish wedding: romantic, fun and memorable. Here’s why you should check out the wedding bands Glasgow has to offer:


Compare a recorded version blaring through speakers to musicians who pour their heart out into each note. Imagine the moment when you walk down the aisle, when you dance the night away for the first time with your husband or wife, and when you both leave to begin your new journey together. The artist who can truly capture your love for each other is the one present to witness it.

Musicians Can Adjust 

Things don’t always go according to plan and it’s especially true for events. Delays can happen, resulting in more room for dead air than previously anticipated. Simply tell the wedding band and any good musician would be able to add the appropriate songs to avoid losing the mood. They can also tell how the crowd is feeling during the party and decide when to keep dance music going or switch to slow dancing.

Artist Interaction

Depending on their level of talent and range of songs, musicians can include originally unplanned songs into the playlist to ride the guests’ mood. They could play instrumental pieces during your best man’s speech, for instance, to add oomph to his message without overpowering it. The pianist can strike playful tunes for when he cracks a joke then change to heartstring-tugging compositions when he gets sentimental. If they’re adept entertainers, guests are included in the musical experience. Plus, seeing the musicians enjoying their time encourages guests to relax and let loose.


Cost would depend on how big a band or how many musicians you plan to hire. Getting a single player like a skilled pianist could mean spending less than hiring a DJ. Having a full band play would mean a greater budget for your music and it’s always pricey than having your wedding coordinator play songs from an iPod. Yet compared to the other expenses involved in a wedding, the cost for live music is minimal but has tremendous impact to the atmosphere of a celebration. Your venue could look good and the food, exquisite, but the decision to hire professional entertainers could make or break your wedding’s impact on your guests and even on you, as a couple. While it should be about you as a couple and what you want, having others enjoy this introduction to your change in life would boost the start to your new journey. When others are having fun, it’s easier for you to enjoy the wedding as well.