Highlighting your eyes with less makeup products

Sometimes the makeup isn’t all! You can have beautiful eyes and highlight them with a small quantity of makeup products or you can focus all the attention towards your eyes with a slight detail. It’s not hard at all and you’re going to see this from the lines to come….
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In case you have pretty blue eyes and a white face, light skin color then you can most certainly apply for using a think layer of mascara and the effect is guaranteed. You will highlight you pretty eyes in a gorgeous manner and also you can be sure that your look will be more intense.

In case you have green eyes you can apply for combining different tones of eye shadows that will most certainly blend in perfect coordination with the iris. Use smoky eyes as makeup style and mix colors that have at the basis green or another color that can be observed in your eyes, because there are also colors besides your green, other tones and nuances.

You can also apply for using shimmering colors and shades, because these look pretty well in combination with exotic looking eyes. The success is guaranteed you can be sure of that!

A classical line with eyeliner (be it liquid or kohl) won’t ever fail! It’s indeed the look that suits everybody and it’s done really easy, you can apply for it when you’re on the run and you want to go to work. You can use the eyeliner in the interior side of the eye, on the exterior lid (the superior one with the liquid eyeliner) and all around your eyes towards a smoky look. Finish with a thin layer of mascara added- this won’t fail!

Using an eye shadow and only that can be a good choice for some of you. Instead of using the eyeliner all around your eyes you can apply for an eye shade that can be in a dark tone or a light one. See what colors are appropriate for your eye color and use them in case you don’t want to apply for the usage of the eyeliner.

Another thing that you should know is that dark eye circles are sometimes a barrier against highlighting pretty eyes. Well, this won’t be a problem as long as you own a concealer. If you don’t like the idea of using makeup foundation on your complexion ( although we recommend it 100%) then you can use this concealer that we’ve been mentioning about only on the affected areas and so, the eyes will be enlightened more and all the attention will be focused on your eyes….