Reusing wedding rings

This is both mine and my fiance’s 3rd marriage. We both have our wedding rings from our previous wedding. We both like our rings and are considering just re using them. Were wondering if this is proper. We are getting lots of feedback that this is a very bad idea. My finance was only married for 9 months and her wedding ring is really nice, she was divorced after this short marriage last Christmas. I designed my ring when I was married 18 years ago, I was divorced 6 years ago. My ring actually doesn’t look much like your traditional wedding band, but I like it and have added several gems to it since the divorce. Were paying for everything as we go, no loans. So were trying to be frugal.

what do you think?

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

New marriage – new rings. Think about it like this: do you really want her to think about past marriages/relationships every time she looks down at her ring, or vice versa? That’s a lot of thinking about the past.
If the old rings are made of precious metals, turn them in for cash and buy some new rings.

The bigger issue is that she hasn’t even been divorced a year. I know they say third time’s a charm but…

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

It really isn’t considered completely appropriate to reuse one’s wedding rings. But, if these could be altered in some way, they would be somewhat new.

Irina Feygin

I agree with both the Moderator and Rebecca. You can either take them to the jeweler and have them re-designed or re-set, or simply exchange for the new ones with a little extra fee.

Nancy Tucker

Very good responses. I agree that they should be somehow restyled or traded in…when you think about the “ring” as the symbol of your completed love with your spouse, you do not want it to be a reminder of another love.