Thank you to Host

Would it be customary to send a thank you note to the parents of the groom concerning the wedding. This was an all out three day event, involving dinners, brunches, limo service, etc.

Thank you for your help, Dennis

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Dennis,

If the groom’s parents were hosting all of this, a thank you note would be the least you should do. A host typically receives some sort of gift.

Best wishes,


Thank you for your quick reply. I am struggling with the content of the thank you note, but have a rough draft made. I did think about a gift, but would really stress over what is appropriate to send to a wealthy couple that have everything they need. I am planning on finding a nice card and hand writing, something I will struggle with, considering my handwriting. Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

I can sympathize with the handwriting issue. I’m a retired classroom teacher and every year I would dread teaching handwriting. Maybe that’s another reason I decided to leave elementary so many years ago 🙂

I find it helpful, as you are doing, to write the note on paper until I have a good copy and then transfer the message to the card. Good luck with that as I typically have to waste a couple of them.

An appropriate gift for these people may be just a nice dinner out. Perhaps you could take them out for dinner or give them a gift card to a nice restaurant.

Best wishes,

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dennis, if you are a guest, you are not expected to send a thank you.

If this is your family, then yes you should.