2 Receptions- RSVP Wording????

Hello, I have a wedding and a reception in my home Newfoundland. However, my husband to be’s family are throwing one in Minn.( A week later) How can I word this on my RSVP’s?

This is all so new and I have very little time, she just put this one on me ( the second reception!)

I need to say which reception will you attend ???


Thank you


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Dear RSVP wording,

If you are sending an invitation to everyone to attend all of the events and they must choose, include a response card with your invitations. On the response card you could ask what events they will attend. They will check next to each listed event.

Usually we would send separate invitations to each of these, which makes this much easier. But, it sounds like you don’t have that kind of time.

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[crazy] Not at all!!! No time…My mother-in -law to be is quite interested in this issue. Her daughter had two receptions also so, she decided to tell me that after I already ordered my previous invitations..Its ok, i have contacted them and they will print new response cards for me. The exact wording has me torn…I have come up with something like this… Please correct me at any time: I could not find any advice or examples on line! Thank you

Before the Autumn leaves turn their brilliant hue

We invite you to celebrate in our love.


____ will be delighted to attend

____ Regretfully decline

Please indicate your reception location preference:( HELP)

___ # will attend the Newfoundland reception

___ # will attend the Minnesota reception

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

I think you are doing just fine without me! Very well done.


Thank you so much. I would like to say a warm thank you to all of you who take the time to help us poor bride’s in diSTRESS!!!

I did not think the wording for “please indicate you reception location preference”…Was good enough…

Thanks again..Oh hey, look into the bridesmaid attire question I left..I could really use the help there!!!

Bye for now


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I believe your bridesmaid question was answered. if not, please let me know by private message.


Hello…I know this is bad, but I do not know how to private message!!! So sorry, I do wish to know your thoughts on my bridesmaid issue!!!

Thank you..


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The issue was already answered in your original post under the bridesmaid’s attire forum. Please go there to see your post and it’s answer.

Thank you.