last minute wedding invite: should i accept?

I have a work colleague, whom I’m friendly with and many of us are in the same friend circle. He’s getting married in two weeks and another common friend has been invited long back, but this friend called me today and said he had some cancellations from relations and so wants to invite friends whom he previously had to edit from his list and would love if I could make it.

I had commented to his fiance in the past few days on her online comments regarding the wedding and talk to them normally about their upcoming nuptials and had offered my help too as I am relatively free at work but did not over do it (at least I think not).

I m not sure if I should accept as I don’t know if the reason is that other friends, closer ones, in our common friend circle are invited and he feels shamed to invite me? Or because I mentioned his wedding a few times, did I just hint at inviting myself?

I’m not offended to go at a last minute invite but just want to make sure the reasons as okay in my mind

Any advice?

Elizabeth Howard, The Cordial Cricket,

I think your friend is probably just being honest about the reason that he is extending a late invitation to you. It sounds like an event you would like to attend, so if you don’t have a scheduling conflict or another reason not to attend his wedding, I would thank him for the invitation and accept. Have a great time!

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

I agree. It does sound like he wants you to attend. So, treat this like a gift. Accept it graciously, smile, and enjoy.

Best wishes,


Many thanks Elizabeth and Rebecca, appreciate your response, I think I will call him back and say yes! Should I expect an invite in the mail so late?

Of course I will take a gift, I think the registry would be closed by now

Also, I was nervous because he asked me + 1 in the invite, but I will be going by myself and that makes me kinda shaky in confidence


Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

If he invited you with a guests and you’d feel more comfortable having an escort then, by all means, ask soeone to attend with you.

I would send the gift to his home – you still have time. Bringing gifts to the wedding isn’t best since they can get lost or separated from the card.