Twinkle lights under tables

I am getting married on October 15th and want to use white christmas lights around my reception. I am going to use willow or birch branches and wrap lights around them and stand them against a wall in my hall that is all mirrors. I also saw somewhere and wanted to do it, put lights under the table cloths of each table. I thought I would use icicle lights since they hang nicely. My question is how do i plus those lights under the tables in without having wires running across the room and looking ugly. I have tried to find a converter that runs on batteries or battery powered lights and have had no luck. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

Sue of Hobart’s Fine Florals

[:)]The look you are going for is a great one and I encourage you to continue on your quest!
I think the electricity element will be a cumbersome one in most cases. Consider using the icicles on the gift, cake and buffett tables but not where people will be sitting. That treatment is great until anyone sits down then they have lights snagging allover the palce ( A great idea for a magazine photo but the practical elements must not have been investigated!) For guest tables you will need to get battery operated lights. I have never seen battery Icicle lights but the regular 10 or 20 light ones would do well. Get a sheer table cover and shirr it up around the center of the table with the lights under it or fill a glass container with curly willow tips and clear battery lights with marbles or cellophane crumpled around the center to obscure the battery packs. If you don’t want that then just go crazy mad with votive candles.
10 or 20 light battery strings are pretty easy to come by on the web…Just google exactly that. They last a good long time and look great. Do be aware that there is a rather large (2 D or 2 C) battery pack on them so any container needs a good sized opening.
Good luck on your quest and have a beautiful wedding!!!!