Incorporating Emerald: Using Pantone’s Color of the Year in Your Wedding


Can any color represent life so clearly as green? This hue is found abundantly in nature and has long represented vibrancy and growth; when it’s incorporated into your wedding, it can symbolize a love that’s always growing.

Emerald and Diamond Victorian Ring in 14K White GoldWhile a bright, lush green is always lovely, it’s taking the spotlight in a new way in 2013! In December, Pantone, the company that sets professional color standards for a number of design industries, named emerald as the color of the year to come. Why? A Pantone press release that proclaims the merits of this vibrant hue provides some clues: “Most often associated with brilliant, precious gemstones, the perception of Emerald is sophisticated and luxurious. Since antiquity, this luminous, magnificent hue has been the color of beauty and new life … It’s also the color of growth, renewal and prosperity—no other color conveys regeneration more than green.” Emerald’s ability to represent new life makes it the ideal hue to represent the start of your journey together as husband and wife.

Wondering how to incorporate the lovely hue that Pantone described as “a lively, radiant, lush green,” as well as “radiant,” “jewel-toned,” and “balanced yet sophisticated”? From emerald rings for your bridesmaids to green tablecloths at your reception, there are countless ways to work the color of the year into your big day. Here are just a few:

Emerald bridesmaids’ dresses can be sophisticated choices for any season, providing a promise of new life to come in the midst of the colder months and reflecting the natural world in the warmer months. In addition to solid green styles, dresses with emerald accents such as sashes are also an option—you could even incorporate an emerald touch into your bridal gown for a look that won’t soon be forgotten.

6mm x 4mm Oval Shaped Emerald and Diamond Flower Pendant in 14K White GoldEmerald-accented programs (or invitations) give your guests the impression that your wedding is a celebration of the beginning of your life together.

Emerald décor can perk up the look of your ceremony and reception, whether you choose subtle touches or broad strokes of green. Try emerald bows in flower arrangements or incorporating this hue in seat covers, napkins or tablecloths.

Emerald jewelry is a bit of a no-brainer: the inspiration for the color of the year is a precious gemstone that’s been treasured for thousands of years. Jewelry of many kinds can bring an emerald glow, whether it’s worn by the bride or the bridesmaids. Emerald pendants, rings and earrings can serve as unique accents for any member of the bridal party, and also make lovely thank-you gifts for the ladies who give of their time and resources to be a part of your wedding.

As Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, explains, “As it has throughout history, multifaceted Emerald continues to sparkle and fascinate.” From fashion to beauty to home décor to jewelry, emerald is making its mark in a big way this year—why not let this life-filled hue bring a vibrant, sparkling touch to your wedding day?