Can bridal shower invitations be hand written?

That sound you just heard? That would be my head exploding.

I am the MOH for my best friend’s destination wedding, and unfortunately, she is turning into an uber-bridezilla.

Long story short, in addition to paying for our own accommodations and travel (which I’ve no problem doing), the shower invitation list is in excess of fifty people.

One of the bridesmaids is fueling the bride’s “ire fire” by assuring the bride all of her requests (demands) are not unreasonable.

My question? Is it acceptable to handwrite these 50-odd invites, instead of having them printed?

What happened to the wedding being about the joining of two people…and becoming about excess??????

Thank you for allowing the vent….unfortunately, I believe this has definitely put a damper on our friendship….

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

I’d suggest you sit down with this other bridesmaid and have a pow-WOW! Explain that:

1. Only those invited to the wedding should be invited to the shower and, not ALL guests invited to the wedding get invited to the shower. Only those nearest and dearest need to be invited.

2. The host gets to select the size of the guest list for the shower.

3. Bridal showers are not receptions. They should be informal events so there shouldn’t be engraved invitations. Shower invites you pick up at the Hallmark store or even handmade invitations are fine.

Tell your co-hosts that all of you are hosting this together, and, as such, all of you should present a united front, providing a pre-wedding party (which is optional, by the way) which will be perceived positively by your invited guests. Suggest that your co-hosts visit us and/or get a copy of a couple of good etiquette books to reference.

Good Luck!