Another name for an open house or reception after a destination wedding

Good day, We are planning an “Open House” 2 weeks after our destination wedding. Can we call the function anything other than an Open House. …I just don’t like the sounds of that. We will be serving a buffet style lunch as well as cake, punches/wine/tea etc.

Also, we would like to show the ceremony DVD and have cake served. Do we set time to this within the hours we are open or do we have the video running continuously alongside our table of pictures? AND should we have two smaller cakes rather than 1 big one? I would hate for our cake to be cut into with the first set of guests?

Thank you in advanc.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Reception vs Open House,

This can be called a wedding reception. It can be hosted as an open house type affair for guests to come and go or not. But, there shouldn’t be two different times for guests to arrive. This may seem to your guests that you are classify them as A and B class. An open house is a party where guests come and go during the time period designated.

It may be best to play the DVD during the entire party. One cake is best and can be cut any time unless you plan a certain time when all of your guests can see the cake cutting. You can designate this time on the invitation.

Best wishes,