Bridesmaids in satin and Bride in chiffon?

My Daughter’s wedding dress is a very fitted ivory chiffon with a low neckline and low back with straps that crisscross. There is a bit of beading on the bodice. The Bridesmaids are wearing long strapless (not low) black dresses and would like them in matt satin. Does satin go with chiffon or will they look more dressy than the Bride? Would satin on the top and chiffon on the bottom look better or should their dresses be chiffon as well? If the Bride’s dress is fitted should their dresses be as well or can they go with a bit more flare? I would really appreciate your advice.

Thank you

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear MOB,

I can’t give you advice on the fabric, but can pipe in about the formality of the dresses. As long as the bridesmaids’ dresses are not more formal than the bride’s, they can wear dresses with more flare than hers.

Best wishes,

Lori of

Dear MOB,

In terms of the fabric choices, I think the satin bridesmaid dresses would be beautiful with your daughter’s chiffon wedding gown, but if you’re unsure you could always do the half satin/half chiffon dresses as well. Another option if you decide to go with the all satin dresses is to incorporate a chiffon sash or perhaps a chiffon handbag to help tie everything together.

Best Wishes!