Who Pays for the Groom’s Cake

I have heard several different things about who pays for the groom’s cake:

1. The groom’s family always pays for it

2. The bride’s family pays if the cake is at the reception, and the groom’s family pays if the cake is at the rehearsal dinner.

3. If the groom’s family would like to have a groom’s cake, they usually pay for it. If the bride’s family wishes to surprise the groom with a cake,
they pay for it. It is an entirely optional addition to a reception, not a requirement.

I am confused and need to know who pays.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Who Pays,

The reason you are receiving conflicting responses is because parents are no longer part of this equation. This is the couple’s wedding. If they want one, then they should pay. Anything the parents wish to contribute to the wedding expenses, they may. But, the parents are not financially responsible for their children’s weddings.

Best wishes,