Hair & Makeup Tips for Bride with Glasses

I will be wearing my glasses on my wedding day, as I need glasses to see, have worn glasses daily for years, and do not wear contacts. My glasses are dark tortoise shell plastic frames with smallish oval lenses. My glasses have a trendy/bookish feel and I love them. However, I am looking for specific tips for hair and makeup styling for wearing glasses. For example, I have small eyes to begin with and I don’t want my eyes to be totally lost in the photographs.

I have long wavy brown hair with subtle highlights. I think my face shape would be considered oval (my jaw is angular, not sure how I would characterize my forehead). My skin tone is light-medium. My dress is ivory lace and the neckline is a bateau neckline with 3/4 sleeves that are a little off the shoulder.

I’m leaning towards a half-up/half-down ‘do or an updo with loose curls. I tend to prefer a more natural makeup look, but I wouldn’t mind going a bit more dramatic for the wedding. Are there any special considerations that I should keep in mind since I’ll be wearing glasses? Thank you, I very much appreciate the input.

Joyce Connor, Brides and Beauty

Hi Deena

Wearing glasses and make up for the wedding day shouldn’t be a problem unless its quite a hot day in which case i would recommend using a light powder for the bridge of your nose to stop the glasses slipping. To emphasise your eyes use a deep colour such as a brown on the upper eye lid and a touch of eyeliner just halfway under the lower lash line. If you have very long lashes i would opt for a clear mascara or have your lashes tinted. Lengthening mascaras can make the lashes touch the lenses and become irritating. Use a mineral based make up to give a flawless but natural look and add colour to your lips in a pink or peach tone to compliment your skin tone.

You don’t say how you would normally wear your hair? A dress that style would look lovely with your hair in an updo. Have a trial session to see how comfortable you feel with the hair and make up first. Take along a photo of the dress with you so the make up artist and stylist know what your’re wearing on the wedding day.

Have a wonderful wedding!

Brides and Beauty

Elysa Ross, PalmBeachWeddingExpert.comWedding Beauty Expert, Licensed Aesthetician & Makeup Artist

You should enhance your eyes to make them stand out from behind the glasses. Use a darker liner both on-top and on the bottom (softening the edges with a Q-Tip)with alot of mascara (applied in layers & combed out for a natural effect). Don’t do too much with shadow. Since your eyes are small, use a neautral color (eggshell, champagne or soft gold perhaps) on the entire lid. Glasses will reflect in pictures, so stay away from irradecent colors.

Sleeker or simpler styles work best with glasses. Think of your glasses as the main accessory. Overly complicated hairstyles can overwhelm or look out-of-whack when coupled with thicker glasses; particularly if you’re wearing a tiara or headpiece.