The Best Wedding Destinations of All Time

The day of your wedding is one of the most special moments you’ll ever experience in your life, so it fitting that the destination of your weeding works in tandem with the occasion. Europe hosts a universe of splendid wedding locations that you and your special partners tie the knot. From a historical church in Provence, where you’ll breathe the essence of history, or the beautiful beaches of Greece, or if doesn’t fit your needs, imagine embracing your loved one in the countryside of Tuscany, or you can feel the perfume of flowers in one of the most charming destinations in Italy. Whatever you choose, Europe offers the most euphoric destinations for your special day. If you were to get married in a European destination, be sure to have your European Health Insurance Card, this will ensure that your medical care is covered, so if any accident were to occur, as long as you have your EHIC card, you can feel at ease in regards to your medical attention.

Enough of the talking lets discover the array of beauty you can get married in:

Amalfi Coast

This is a beautiful place if you want a scenic backdrop for your wedding; the view contains a citrus grove that overlooks Italy’s jaw-dropping Amalfi Coast providing the chance for some great wedding photos to add to that album. Like I said, this is one of the most scenic stretches of the Italian coastline. Within this vicinity you have winding clifftop roads which offer those dramatic views of the sea and the coast. At the end of the day, if you want views, sunshine and history- the Amalfi Coast may be the perfect destination for you.


France is considered to contain one of the most romantic cities in the world – Paris. A very popular choice for wedding goers and just located outside the city is the chateau-rich and rolling Loire Valle which is cherished for its fairy-tale castles, historic villages, charming residents and the best wine and food you can taste. Best times for weddings are April through June and September through to early November. There are a lot of activities to keep you entertained throughout your wedding- The City of Lights boast acclaimed boutiques, cosy street-sides, cafes, grant avenues, jazz clubs and more. So as you can see there are lots activities to engross yourself in and combined with the romantic setting, this is sure please your wedding needs.

The Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre represents one of the best preserved natural and semi-natural areas of the Mediterranean. Historical and geomorphologic reasons have forbidden any excessive housing development and additional roadways being made so they can preserve the nature’s beauty. Human activity have contributed to create a unique landscape which has created one of the most unique and beautiful locations to get married in.


Sintra is a diamond set between the mountains and the sea, waiting to be discovered by those who want to lose themselves in its majestic historical heritage, luxuriant nature, cosmopolitan cultural surroundings and opulent gastronomy. This location offers a romantic aura that left a deep impression on the soul and work of the writers who, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, pioneered the Romantic spirit which you can now infuse into your wedding day.