Cranberry Colored Wedding Flowers

My daughter’s wedding colors are cranberry and champagne. The florists showed us centerpieces with red roses and off white flowers. I am not happy and would prefer a flower with a more cranberry tone. What are my options? Also the bridesmaids’ flowers are different shades of pink roses is there a better choice of flower to go with their cranberry and champagne dresses?

Audrey Gardemeyer, Botanica Floral Designs

Your daughter’s colors sound very elegant, and you want to make sure that this feel is carried out through the flowers and decor as well. As far as a cranberry color theme, there are many shades of red available out there. If you have a particular shade, bring a paint chip or swatch of dress color for your florist to more closely match. Flowers only come in certain shades, but this will help your floral designer better match a certain rose variety to carry out this color.

For the centerpieces, to give a more dramatic affect, I would suggest sticking to all cranberry colored flowers. This will create more impact. Sometimes I feel that if you mix white with a dark color such as red, the look gets washed out and sort of “polka dotty.” There are wonderful greens that you could use instead to accent the flowers. Consider doing all the linens in a champagne color. I can close my eyes and just see it! Very elegant!

For the bridesmaid’s, where does the pink tie in? I would highly consider having the girls bouquets match the decor and theme you have already chosen. Of course, your daughter’s bouquet should stand apart from her bridesmaids. I am not sure what color their dresses mainly are, but you want to have a little contrast, so if you are going to have them carry red bouquets and their dresses are mainly red, think about tying in some greenery so that the flowers have contrast against their dresses.

I hope this helps a bit. Best of luck to you, and let us know if we can help out any more!


Thanks for the great advice. The bridesmaid dresses are cranberry with champagne sashes and the flowergirls dresse are reversed. Any suggestions for bouquest flowers?

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

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