Where to find chocolate brown roses for bridal bouquet?

My daughter’s wedding is in less than 3 months (Dec. 22) and I’m having the hardest time finding these so called chocolate brown roses. Her wedding colors are chocolate brown, ivory and a soft butter yellow. I read somewhere on this site about these roses – called Leonidas – and when I googled them I got several articles about how they are bred and grown and links to places that allegedly sell them but nothing concrete so far. I’ve spent so many hours trying to find a reliable source and get a reliable quote that I’m ready to give up and go with silk or something.

Our original plan was to have her bouquet of mostly yellow and white (ivory) roses with a few chocolate brown thrown in. Centerpieces were going to be mostly ivory with yellow and brown accents. A friend with floral arranging experience is going to do the arrangements for us but we need to purchase all the supplies first.

Any suggestions for where to find these flowers?
Thanks for your help.

Sue of Hobart’s Fine Florals

[:)]Leonidas roses are available through your local florist. I do not know why you are having trouble being able to get them. I suspect if you are doing an all internet sort of thing you are approaching the situation wrong. Go to a real florist and place an order now…you will get them that way.
You will probably not get them on line because they are rather special and a patented rose. The “big box” through the mail sort of companies probably do not deal with them.
You should expect to spend about $3 per bloom through your local florist. If you cannot arrange that I will order them for you and fed ex them to you myself. First try locally though because shipping is expensive.

kate’s mom

I’m afraid I’ve become a child of the internet. I got the red & white roses for my first daughter’s wedding online so just assumed that was the way to go here. Thanks for reminding me to check the local stores. I will do that right away and hopefully all will work out great. If not, I’ll be sure to contact you to order them.

Could you suggest anything else in the chocolate brown tones like fillers or twigs or such, to help tie in her color palette? (choc. brown, ivory and butter yelow) We need medium sized centerpieces for 8 large round tables, and two small ones for the cheese and fruit table and the water/punch table.

Thanks so much for your help.

P.S. I love your website and the beautiful arrangements you guys do – – some are absolutely stunning! Wish we didn’t live on the opposite end of the country (in Phoenix).

Sue of Hobart’s Fine Florals

I know what you mean about the internet. Its so great for almost everything. In terms of othe brown accent flowers I am all about hypericum berries. Other colors of roses to work ongetting might be Amelia, Sahara (beige),sandy femma(butter)
There is also a magnificent gerber daisy in butter with brow and peach eyes called cream eye…furn and yummy. also like to get soft fresh curly willow tips and make loops for a bit of architecture all about the arrangement.
Your color pallette is georgeous so just get lots of great stuff and have fun! Always happy to help…Sue