Engagement Ring Sizing

My engagement ring is a size 4.25. I’m a very petite person. Unfortunately, due to some horrible summertime working conditions, I lost a bunch of weight and it’s now too big on me. It’s not big enough to fall off, but I have to keep it up towards my knuckle just to keep it from going upside down. We’re ordering our wedding bands soon, and I’m not sure what size to get. A 4 would fit me better now, but I’m trying desperately to gain some weight before the wedding and I’ll most likely gain even more weight as I get older. I know both my mother and my fiance’s mother can’t wear their bands anymore because their fingers got fat. Should I stay with a size 4.25 for the band? Should I maybe get a 4.5 and count on the engagement ring to keep it in place? The style of the ring does not allow it to be resized… I don’t know what to do!!

Anthony, Master jeweler

Take your engagement ring to a local jeweler and tell him to solder two small gold balls inside your engagement ring about four millimeters apart. Once the ring is over the knuckle the two gold balls will keep the ring from turning around — this will also give the ring a tighter fit. When the jeweler looks at the engagement ring he will know what to do. You should purchase your wedding band to fit your finger to the correct size. If you gain weight the wedding band can be resized. Good luck.


Our wedding bands can not be resized because of the style – it’s hammered all the way around. I mentioned my dilemma to the jeweler when we chose which bands to get and he said the sizing is completely up to me, and he has no suggestions. Unfortunately, we cannot get the rings anywhere else unless we pay twice the price which is way over our budget. I’m probably just going to order the same size as my engagement ring. Will that be ok?

Anthony, Master jeweler

When the jeweler solders the two small gold balls to the inside of your rings it makes the ring smaller without disturbing the hammer finish that is on the outside of your ring. Explain to the jeweler what you are trying to accomplish. The two small gold balls will make the ring fit tighter once over the knuckle. When you need the ring larger have the two small gold balls removed — very easy process. If you order the ring too big, it will not be comfortable.