Speeches made by future stepmums for stepkids in ceremony

Hi, firstly, I apologise if this is not a global site. I’m quite Illiterate when it comes to ‘message boards’ and ‘posting’ and the associated ‘Etiquettes’. I am an Australian trying to help out a friend. My friend is getting married for the first time and her fiance is getting married for the second time and he has 3 children (under 8) from a previous marriage. The children live interstate from their father and my friend which is a great distance. Despite this, the children have a good relationship with their father and a good one with my mate. However, she has been advised that it might be a good idea to give some kind of speech to her future step kids at their wedding. I have info on the candle ceremony, that is well documented, but I was wondering on some speeches, either for the ceremony and/or reception.

Thankyou in anticipation of any assistance.


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Hello Good Friend:

Please go to this page:

Wedding Speeches and Toasts

for more information on how to make a speech.