What is a wedding hostess?

I am a bride, I was talking to my florist last week and he asked if we were going to have a hostess. I hadn’t heard of this position, but after briefly describing it, it sounded perfect for a new friend. I was just wondering what the official duties of a hostess are because my “Emily Post” book says nothing about them.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

I have never heard of this role applied to a wedding.

Nancy Tucker

A hostess is a designation given to a “person of honor” who will be asked to guide guests to the guest book, direct them to the bathrooms, pass out programs during the ceremony and can help direct guests to their assigned seating at the reception. Normally a small corsage is provided for a “hostess”.

Weddings by Shayna

It’s the first I’ve heard the term applied to a wedding as well, but we frequently have guest book attendants, who perform a similar role. The terms must be pretty close, with a few more responsibilities for the hostess.