The Aqua Blue Wedding

It might say beach. It might say Fifth Avenue. Either way, the aqua blue wedding (often paired with the most classic of supporting acts, like silver, pearls and creamy roses) is a feast for the imagination … and the eyes.

How to Plan Your Own Aqua Blue Wedding

Plenty of aqua brides stick to their beloved blue, offset with lots of crisp white and crystal. But many brides accent with more colors. Popular uptown picks include chocolate brown, platinum and soft pastel pink. Beachier combinations include orange, fuchsia or yellow. Fearless brides even pair aqua with red!

This look offers so many choices, you just need to lay claim to yours. Decide whether to “spread the wealth” with faux pearls and seashells, or swarovski crystals and platinum accents, or seashells or giant white ostrich feathers — or some other direction that’s all your own.

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The Perfect Palette

Aqua Blue and Crystal

If you’re a crystal bride, you’ll sparkle in a gown with a bodice lightly embroidered with Swarovski crystals, and tuck a crystal tiara in your updo.

Then, thrill your bridesmaids with crystal hair pins or combs. Plus, place glimmering picks in your floral bouquet, or skip the blooms and bear an all-Swarovski heirloom crystal bouquet down the aisle.
Having a tent wedding? Line the marquee roof with string lights, hang clear crystal chandeliers from the center, and prop up more crystal in the form of grand candelabras topping Corinthian columns.

Then, look into the new pintucked linens with subtle metallic thread, and draw on crystal-studded placecard frames to guide your guests to their seats. Top off your cake with another tiara, circling a sweet dome of cream-colored roses.

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Aqua and Platinum

Imagine crisp white roses peeking out of silver trumpet vases. Sleek silver candlesticks keep the look going, with delicate white rose petals scattered at the base. A silver monogram sets off the top of your cake. Brushed silver frames announce each table number and guest seat.

Guests tuck into a delectable meal over silver chargers, after oohing and ahhing over the generous favor box that graced their plate. While you finished up with your photos, they’d enjoyed a signature cocktail made with Blue Curacao and a jigger of pineapple juice, gussied up even more with a bright blue sugar rim.

Your gifts to your bridesmaids? Sterling-silver pendants … and timeless silver cufflinks for the guys.

Aqua Hits the Beach

Aqua’s a favorite color of beach-bound brides everywhere. Don’t be afraid to pair aqua with eye-popping colors like fuchsia or coral, aubergine or pale yellow. For flowers, start with white or fuchsia orchids and super-fluffy peonies. Want to go a little wilder? How about coral roses and Pincushion Proteas, or fuchsia gloriosas.

Aqua Goes to Paris

Take this flamboyant theme (perfect for bridal showers, too) for a spin by arranging giant ostrich feathers in tall Eiffel vases and scattering marabou feathers plus rose petals down your tables. The perfect boutonniére: a white rose, a few marabou feathers and a shiny aqua ribbon. Trés chic!

More Aqua Tips for Any Bride

A classic treatment of aqua calls for a classic flower. It’s easy to lose your heart to roses in white, blush or even peach. For an elegant centerpiece, go for paveed roses arranged side-by-side in aqua wooden boxes. Or place simple posies of white and blush roses in square glass cylinders, tying them off with a blue satin ribbon.
A white and aqua candy buffet also makes a stylish statement. Try silver Hershey’s kisses, blue Jordan almonds, and white amorini and conversation hearts.

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Aqua Attire

David’s Bridal has made suiting up for aqua easy (look for “Pool”). Popular combos for bridesmaids (again!) include ivory, pink and chocolate brown in some combination with aqua. It bears repeating, though: aqua can be overpowering in large doses, unless you lighten it up with a splash of white. The white crinolines shown above are one gorgeous way of breaking up the color block of your bridesmaids’ gowns.

Another option: confine aqua to smaller canvases, like sashes, vests, or table overlays.

Speaking of vests, the guys will look sharp in black tuxes with aqua blue ties. Look into those chocolate brown tuxedos too, which make a visually eye-popping match for chocolate brown/aqua blue bridesmaids.

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