Bicycle Theme Weddings

One thing’s for sure — we haven’t heard it all when it comes to wedding themes. Inline skating made the news maybe a year ago, so could bicycle-theme weddings have been far behind? A couple in Lisburn, Ireland, plan to blaze this particular trail at their cycling-themed ceremony and reception. Exactly how will their favorite mode of transportation make an appearance?

For starters, six groomsmen uniformed in bright nylon windbreakers will form an honor guard, raising detachable wheels over the couple’s heads as they exit the chapel. (Bicycle pumps were another option.) Naturally, the couple will then embark on a romantic biking honeymoon in Majorca — taking 20 of their closest friends along with them.

Originally the big event started as something smaller — a simple getaway. The groom commented, “We had the cycling trip arranged and then decided to get married and have a combined honeymoon.”


If you’re thinking of having a bicycle-themed wedding yourself, here are a few more tips:

Get everyone in the mood with fun save-the-dates that kick off the theme. Tuck inexpensive sunglasses in a small container with a card containing “race results.” For example:


Jane raced to victory in a harrowing event taking place on [engagement date]. The course was deemed especially challenging this year, with strong verticals and a wide field of competitors.

Still, Jane came from behind in a photo finish to grab the trophy and take home Christian’s heart.

Jane Trulough: [List months and days from when couple first met to when they became engaged: x months, x days, x hours … even x minutes if you care to figure it out … or make it up!]



At the ceremony, have a young ring bearer or flower girl power down the aisle on a shiny red tricycle. A flowergirl can toss rose petals from a handlebar basket. A ring bearer would look doubly adorable in spandex and racer stripes instead of the expected miniature suit. After the ceremony, change into more manageable party clothes and cycle off to your reception on a tandem bike.

Ebay serves up a whole bunch of bicycle cake toppers, ranging from BMX and mountain bikes to sweeter, more nuptual styles.


Having an honor guard? Have the first pair of best men drape neck-style award ribbons over the couple’s heads. Have the last pair of best men hold up yellow tape for the couple to break as they stroll through to victory.

For favors, hand out water bottles or sodas personalized with your custom wedding label. Another option is to use a bride-friendly “promotional products” company like Branders, and order up some personalized bike water bottles with the design of your choice. Heart-shaped safety strobe lights from the same company are another sweet (and inexpensive) touch. Or ask your local baker to whip up some custom ‘cycle cookies, perhaps with your monogram.

For a few more ideas on incorporating a bike theme, see our Daisy Theme Wedding section. Need some cycling-themed music? This site has worked hard to pull together all the bike-related tunes it could find.