Bridesmaid Maid of Honor or Matron of honor?

My bridal party girls consist of 3 being married, 1 widow, and 1 teenager. I would like to know is it appropriate to title 2 of them as Matrons versus Maid of Honor and Brides Maid. Considering that they are married and 1 being widowed. Please help? If needed to know I am titling the other 2 as Matrons of Honor and a Jr Bride Maid. Thank you.

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A bridesmaid is any attendant in your wedding (married, unmarried) who is not an honor attendant.

You’ll select one (sometimes 2 if you cannot choose) honor attendant. A married, divorced or widowed woman would be called a matron of Honor and an unmarried woman (never married) is a Maid of Honor.

I hope that clarifies your titling issue. B)


Ok, thank you. Because I was going to title the widow as maid of honor, since I have 2 Matrons of honor. But since you have given me the clarifaction, my party will consist of 2 Matrons of honor 2 brides maids, and 1 Jr brides maid. Thank you again.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

You should be giving the title of maid vs matron of honor to the one (or maybe 2) women in your bridal party who will be in charge and are most special to you. All other attendants are bridesmaids.

So, decide which of these women will be your honor attendant first before titling them.


Ok, I thought that I had clarity. Please bear with me. My 2 married bests friends are the ones that I want to honor. I did want to also honor the widow of whom is my God Sister. But now I am just a little confused on this titling thing. I didn’t want to offend anyone, but I already did when I asked the widow if she would mind be a Maid of honor versus a Matron of honor. I thought that it would be okay to suggest that since my 2 best friends are married and that she is a widow for the past 5 years. She then agreed to be title brides maid versus matron. My other married friend is so easy going that there is no titling issue of be called just a brides maid. And the teen of course is a Jrs brides maid. So, I guess I need to know can I not have 2 Matrons of honor and maybe title the widow Maid of honor? Sorry for the constant questioning.

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No worries. Once we start giving the honor title to all of the attendants it loses value. However, if you’ve already asked all three, then you should continue that course and their titles would all be Matron of Honor since they’ve all been married. The term “Maid f Honor” is for single, never married women.

I hope I’ve been more clear.


Okay, thank you! Crystal clear!

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

My pleasure. Keep the questions coming!