Wedding Limousine Etiquette

Who rides in the wedding limo and how many do we need? My fiance will be getting ready at her mother’s house along with the 10 females in her bridal party. The plan is for them to go the the church, which is 5 minutes from her mother’s house, after they are ready. The reception follows the ceremony. The reception venue is about a 30 minute drive from the church. Me and my 10 groomsmen we will be getting ready at my house and then heading to the chuch. Is it traditional that only the females have a limo to the church? Who typically rides in a limo? Thank you for your help.


There is no rule on how many limos you must have or who gets them. That decision falls squarely on the two of you.

In general, the bride’s family organizes transportation for her bridal attendants to the wedding and reception. The best man usually organizes it for the groomsmen and drives the groom to the ceremony. But that does vary from wedding to wedding. Sometimes, the couple personally arranges the transportation like in your situation. To answer your question, your bride may book a limo for her attendants, and you one for your attendants.

There are several considerations that must be weighed when looking at booking limos. The biggest one is usally cost but the second is size. It is not pleasant to have 11 people crammed into a limo that is only supposed to seat 6 – 8 comfortably for the sake of saving money. Not to mention it wrinkles clothes when you are stuffed in like a sausage. If you elect to get a limo, go with one that will make you, and your party feel comfortable. That may mean you have to shop around a bit but it will be worth it.