Forgot to mention reception on wedding invitations Invites are already mailed – what to do?

My mom is upset because we didn’t say anything about “reception to follow” on our invites. We did, however, put “view our website,, for details.” The website clearly states that there is a reception with dinner, drinks and dancing after the ceremony and that all guests are invited. My mom thinks some older guests won’t go to the website and assume there is no reception.

The groom’s mom is not upset at all and thinks it’s assumed that there will be a reception after any wedding, especially since the wedding is not at a church, it’s at a hotel.

Do we need to send out a reception card/invite, even two weeks after the wedding invites went out? What about just emailing or calling? Or should we not do anything?

Emmanuela Stanislaus, Precious Occasions, Wedding and Event Planner

It’s really unfortunate that you didn’t work with a professional that could have helped you to avoid this mistake. A wedding invitation should always be accompanied with a reception card especially when the ceremony and reception are in two separate locations. I would recommend adding the address of your reception and directions to your wedding website but as you know some of your older guests may not visit the website. In addition to adding the information on your website, you should call all of your guests individually to make sure that they know a reception will be following the ceremony and provide them with the address/directions. It would also be nice if you included information regarding the reception for guests to take at the ceremony. You can have directions/map printed on nice card stock paper for guests to take as they enter or exit the ceremony. This way you cover all of your bases. Good luck!

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Pineapplehead,

Ouch! Yes, there should have been mention of the reception on your invitation if it follows the wedding. It is too late to send these out now. So, it is best to call each guests personally to let them know. They won’t just assume there is one and may think they need to eat before attending the wedding. Or, they may decline thinking that they won’t be able to fit in a meal before attending your wedding.

Your wedding website shouldn’t have been mentioned on your invitation because it is assumed that you will have your registry listed on it. So, it is as if you are leading your guests to your registry. This is a no-no. However, we can fudge a bit if our wedding websites have crucial info guests need by listing this on an enclosure. This can only be done politely if the registry is not listed on the first page.

Best wishes,

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

I agree with Rebecca and Emmanuela but want to add that your guests might just think they are only invited to the ceremony. That wouldn’t be polite to do, but they may think that and be insulted so you’ll want to set them straight as soon as possible. Gather the family and divide the list and start making calls and apologies. Don’t beat yourself up over this , though. Stuff happens. Just make it right now and, of course, for the remainder of the wedding planning you’ve got us to reply on too.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Good catch Wedding Queen. That is so true. Guests might think that. :blink: But, as you said, it isn’t anything that can’t be fixed. Phones all around!