Do wedding flowers for ceremony have to match reception flowers?

My question is about using silk flower types and arrangements during my wedding day. I am wondering:

Do you have to use the same flowers and/or arrangements throughout the entire day ? In other words, Do the ceremony flowers (say at the church ) have to match the bridal party flowers ? Then, do the ceremony flowers and/or bridal party flowers have to match the flowers used at the reception ( say as used in centerpieces ) ?

Sue of Hobart’s Fine Florals

There are no rules but a theme is a nice thing. I would choose a color scheme and style and stick within the same area.
Sometimes it is good to have the bridal party flowers in softer tones then turn up the intensity at the reception a bit. Try to stick with similar flowers and within the color scheme and have a good time.

Silk Flower Specialist and Floral Planner at Online Bridal Florals, Supplies and Gowns

In wedding ceremonies, it’s all about what works for you. The rules for matching all the flower styles and colors are not as rigid as they once were. Brides are combining colors and textures into bouquets and arrangements that they love, instead of working around rules to create something that just looks pretty.
For a look that is more coordinated, you can use flowers that stay in the same color family, or have similar looks and textures. For instance, if you are using roses in your bouquets, you may choose some great ranunculus or peonies to make arrangements with.
Centerpieces are all about the couple’s taste, the theme, and the space. Larger spaces can hold larger centerpieces, while smaller spaces often work better with centerpieces that are lower to the table and less elaborate. Check out some bridal magazines to get inspired with colors and florals. You can always clip out the pictures and group them together to see what you like best, and that can give you a great direction to start with.