Teeth whitening

Does it happen to you? Every time you smile, you tend to place your hands on your mouth, because it seems that you don’t have white teeth and you’re ashamed of this matter. It happens to almost everybody nowadays and this is due to the fact that the Hollywood people have those gorgeous smiles and not only, have all the people at TV seemed to have these.

We know that you feel tempted to apply for all kinds of whitening procedures and you have to know about their risks as well in the same time. You’re seeing all kinds of banners that relate to such procedures and these say that they’re not going to damage your teeth at all. We tell you that this isn’t in this way, that on the contrary- your teeth are going to be really affected and that you’re going to regret applying for the whitening procedure.

Another thing that you need to know about this whitening process in what exactly does it consists: you go to the dentist, he places something on your teeth and you have to remain with your mouth wide opened in such a manner that the laser penetrates every little corner of your mouth. This isn’t a painful procedure at all, but on the contrary, you won’t feel a thing!

So, after you do it your teeth are going to look gorgeous and we’re certain that you’re going to love the smile…. What’s the price of such a procedure? Well, you’re going to feel a sensibility when it comes to drinking cold drinks, eating hot food and so on…. What exactly happens? Your teeth are going to be affected, their exterior side will be damaged and little by little you’re going to regain that yellow texture and nuance that your teeth and smile used to have. As you can observe, a happy moment like whitening can have serious damage over your smile’s health.

What can you do in order to maintain a white smile? Well, it’s not hard at all: you have to eat healthy, drink a lot of milk, chew gum, do mouth washes and so on. All of these are normal procedures which we’re sure that you do, but if you do them permanently you’re going to see the gorgeous effect over your smile and your teeth.

Another thing that we’ve been mentioning repeatedly is that you definitely have to quit smoking, avoid drinking bubbly drinks and most of all coke and renounce to coffee and we don’t know what sweets. We know that it sounds pretty harsh, but it’s definitely a good starting point when it comes to the health of your teeth.