Who Picks Venue for Rehearsal Dinner?

I am hosting the rehearsal dinner for my son’s wedding. Two things that are very important to me are the food and the service. The food doesn’t have to be fancy but I would like good well prepared food with good attentive service. I would like to be able to offer a steak, chicken, or pasta dish as options for the guests. We don’t have to have a private room but I would like everyone grouped together so they see and talk with each other.

The bride suggested a place she would like to have the dinner. She likes it because they have good chicken finger and fries. After checking it out I am not very happy with the venue.

It is basicly a bar with bar type food. The room we would be in is between the dining room and the pool table room. Because it is night that they pool leagues the room must be open. The waitstaff for the pool room will be crossing the room as it is between between the bar and the pool room. Smoke from the pool room will be a large issue. In the short time I was there (than an hour) my eyes and throat were burning. I find the food to be mostly frozen, heat and serve food. Not really what I was looking for.

The bride’s shower will be at the same place. She said she really likes the place but I ‘m not happy with the venue for the rehearsal dinner. Do I have the right to pick a different venue in view of the problems I see with this one?

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You’re the host so, you’re in charge. It’s nice if the couple likes the place you choose, though. The rehearsal dinner certainly doesn’t have to be fancy but I’m not sure qbout chicken fingers [crazy]. That strikes me as something to serve for a children’s meal.

Tell the bride that since she’s having her shower there, you’re going to select a different place for the rehearsal dinner for variety and to make it really special for her and the guests. (translate – butter her up).

Enjoy –

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I agree. Exercise your right to choose something else as host, but do what you can to reflect the style and comfort level of the couple. Everyone will be happier in the long-run.


Thank you for you concise answers.

Chicken fingers are one of about 6 foods the bride will eat. I love my FDIL but I have given up trying to cook for her. She did tell me she was going to eat more like an adult but no sign of that yet. If this is the biggest problem I have with my DILs (and it is) I consider myself blessed.

I do have a couple of places in mind that have what I’m looking for and the couple should be comfortable at. (They do serve chicken fingers![:)])

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

You’re so right. God bless you for wanting to please her and your son.

Maybe she’ll use a knife and fork for the “fingers”! [:)]