Bachelor Party Etiquette – HELP!!


I have just been honored by my best friend to be his Best Man. Unfortunately, I do not know the etiquette in regards to covering the groom’s expenses. Does the best man/groomsmen/other participants include the groom’s air fare and hotel expenses? I know that the grooms food, drinks, and other “entertainment” are to be paid for. Does this really depend on what we want to pay for ourselves? Is there any traditional practices to approach the groom’s expenses for a Bachleor Party?


Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Paying,

The bachelor party shouldn’t cost the groom anything. This is an optional party hosted by his groomsmen. You would traditionally be the one who organizes it. This party could be anything though. It doesn’t have to include flying or hotels.

Host the party you can easily afford to host.

Also, the groom can state what he wishes, but he cannot demand it.

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I totally agree with Rebecca. One other thing I’d recommend. If at all possible, try not to have the bachelor party the same weekend as the wedding. It keeps down the stress for everybody. Also, the groom has time to recover, if necessary.[;)]

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